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The tagging and rating user interface

Learn about the user interface that HCL Digital Experience provides for users to work with tags and rating.

Portal tagging and rating offers the following user interface elements that users can use to work with tags and ratings:

Note: With HCL Portal v8.5, both the dialog and inline tag and rating widgets of previous portal versions are deprecated. They are replaced by a single pair of new enhanced inline widgets. They provide the functionality of both types of the old widgets. Users view them as part of the portal resource.

We can configure the widgets by using a set of parameters. We can set these parameters globally for all tag or rating widgets in the portal in the WP CP configuration service. We can also set them for individual instances of the tag and rating widgets by using JavaScript parameters. All these parameters are listed and described in the topic about the WP CP configuration service and the parameter reference topics for tagging and rating.