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Plain attributes - Portlet repository

In addition to the default attributes, repository objects have some of the following attributes. Alternative, shorter names are documented in the bean help.

Attribute Description
name The name, for all object types.
version The version number, for web modules only.
contextroot The absolute path URI, for web modules only.
resourceroot The relative directory, for web modules only.
defaultlocale The default locale, for applications and portlets.

These attributes are also available:

Attribute Description
id, oid, guid The identifier of the node. Suitable input for select.
uniquename, uname, un The global unique name of the node.
type The type of the node. Options: repository, web module, application, portlet
name The name of the node.
commonname, cname, cn The common name that is generated for the node.
version The version number. Only for web modules.
contextroot, context, uri The relative URI for addressing the web module. Only for web modules.
resourceroot, resdir, dir, war The subdirectory where the web module resources can be found.
defaultlocale, dlocale, defloc The default locale. Only for portlet applications and portlets.
servlet The ID of the associated servlet. Only for portlets.
cachescope, cs The remote cache scope of this repository node. Only portlet nodes can have this read-only flag. The attribute value can be empty. Valid attribute values are shared or s for a shared remote cache scope, nonshared, or ns for a non-shared remote cache scope.
cacheexpiration, cacheexp, cexp The expiration value of the remote cache, in seconds. Only portlet nodes can have this read-only flag. The attribute value must be a numeric expression, where -1 means that the cache never expires, 0 means that the cache expires at each request.
remotecachedynamic, rcd Indicates whether the remote cache is dynamic or static. Only portlet nodes can have this read-only flag. A value of true indicates that the remote cache is dynamic. False indicates that the remote cache is a static cache.

All attributes are read-only, there is no set command. The resourceroot attribute typically is the name of the WAR file of the web module.