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List valued attributes | Content bean content hierarchy

The content nodes have three list valued attributes, locales, markups, and allowedportlets. See the bean help for alternative, shorter names for these lists.

The locales list holds the locales for which locale-specific attributes are defined. For more information, see Locale-specific attributes. The commands list, drop, and empty are available for locales. New values can be added by setting a title for the respective locales.

The markups list holds the markups that are supported by the content node. The commands list, add, and drop are available for markups. At least one markup must be supported.

The allowedportlets list holds the portlets that are registered as allowed portlets for that page. The total list of portlets that can be used for the page is this allowedportlets list, plus the lists of allowed portlets of all parent pages.

Jython example:

Jacl example: