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Creating a virtual portal

As a master administrator of the portal installation, you can create virtual portals by using the Virtual Portal Manager portlet.

When you create virtual portals, you specify the following attributes:

When using the Virtual Portal Manager administration portlet to create the virtual portal, we can add the following additional parameters as well:

For details see, Using the Virtual Portal Manager administration portlet. As an alternative, we can also use the appropriate configuration task to create virtual portals. For details about the configuration tasks for administering virtual portals see, Portal configuration tasks for administering virtual portals. When you use the configuration task for creating a virtual portal, you need to deliver this information by using the XML configuration interface in a later step.Notes:

  1. Before you create a virtual portal, read the information in Planning for virtual portals.

  2. If you use the configuration task create-virtual-portal to create a virtual portal, the virtual portal is created without content. For more information about filling a virtual portal with content, see Filling a virtual portal with content.

  3. If you do not specify a virtual portal title in the language, which is either defined as the user-preferred language or defined in the user's browser, the display fallback uses the unique name if present, or a string version of the object ID. So, to display the virtual portal title and content root correctly, the administrator must select the preferred language for the portal user. Or the administrator must define the display language in the user's browser, according to the language in which the title is set. For information about the language search sequence, see Selecting and changing the language.

  4. When creating a virtual portal, a workspace is created that contains a new portal site web content library. All managed pages that are created in the virtual portal are stored in the virtual portal site library. As web content libraries are not shared across virtual portals, such managed pages are visible only within the virtual portal. Syndication of the portal site library for a virtual portal is the same as syndication of any other web content library.

We can preconfigure the content and the sub-administrators for virtual portals. For details see, Preconfiguring virtual portals.