Testing a database connection using the Configuration Assistant


After configuration, your database connection should be tested.

To test a database connection:

  1. Start the Configuration Assistant.

  2. Highlight the database in the details view and select Test Connection from the Selected menu. The Test Connection window opens.

  3. Select one or more types of connection that you would like to test (CLI is the default). You can test more than one type at the same time. Enter a valid user ID and password for the remote database and click Test Connection. If the connection is successful, a message confirming the connection appears on the Results page. If the connection test failed, you will receive a help message. To change any settings you might have incorrectly specified, select the database in the details view and select Change Database from the Selected menu item.
When setting up a server to work with development environments (such as IBM® Data Studio), you might encounter error message SQL30081N at the initial DB2® connection. A possible root cause is that the firewall at the remote database server has prevented the connection from being established. In this case, verify the firewall is properly configured to accept connection requests from the client.

Parent topic: Client-to-server communications configuration overview

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