Registering a DB2 product or feature license key using the License Center


The license key is available from either the DB2® product or feature image you downloaded from Passport Advantage®, or from the Activation CD you received in the physical media pack from IBM®.

On Linux® or Windows® operating systems, you can register license key using the Licence Center. On UNIX® operating systems, use the db2licm command to register a license key.

On Linux operating systems, the instance owner must have read and write privileges on the directory where the license files are located.

To register a DB2 license key:

  1. Start the DB2 Control Center and select License Center from the Tools menu.

  2. Select the system for which you are installing a license. Select an instance on the system you selected. Select the product from installed products. The Installed Products field will display the name of the product that you have installed.

  3. Select Add from the License menu.

  4. In the Add License window, select the license file:

    where x: or /cd represents the drive or mount point containing the Activation CD for the DB2 product or feature.

  5. Click Apply to add the license key.

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Parent topic: DB2 license files

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