Preparing DB2 for i5/OS and DB2 UDB for iSeries for connections from DB2 Connect


DB2 Connect™ gives remote system applications access to data on your DB2® for i5/OS® and DB2 Universal Database™ (UDB) for iSeries™ system.

To set up the connection, you need to know the following:

  1. The local network name. You can get this information by entering DSPNETA.

  2. The local adapter address. You can get this information by entering the WRKLIND command in one of the following ways:

    WRKLIND (*elan)

    Lists Ethernet adapters

    WRKLIND (*trlan)

    Lists token ring adapters

    WRKLIND (*all)

    Lists all adapters

  3. The hostname. You can get this information by entering DSPNETA.

  4. The TCP/IP port or service name. The default is X'07'6DB (X'07F6C4C2'). The default is always used by DB2 for i5/OS and DB2 Universal Database (UDB) for iSeries. If entering a hexadecimal number is not convenient, an alias is QCNTEDDM.

  5. The relational database name. You can get this information by entering DSPRDBDIRE. This will display a list. The line containing *LOCAL in the Remote Location column identifies the RDBNAME which must be defined to the client. If there is no *LOCAL entry, you can add one, or use the system name obtained from the DSPNETA command on the server.
Here is an example:
                     Display Relational Database Directory Entries 
Position to  . . . . . . 
Type options, press Enter.     5=Display details   6=Print details 
                   Relational                  Remote 
Option             Database                    Location Text 

        _          ____________________

        _          DLHX                        RCHAS2FA 
        _          JORMT2FA                    JORMT2FA 
        _          JORMT4FD                    JORMT4FD 
        _          JOSNAR7B                    RCHASR7B 
        _          RCHASR7B                    *LOCAL 
        _          RCHASR7C                    RCHASR7C 
        _          R7BDH3SNA                   RCH2PDH3 
        _          RCHASDH3                    RCHASDH3
When you have obtained these parameters from your System i™ server, enter your values into the worksheet that follows:
Table 1. Configuration parameters from System i
Item Parameter Example Your value
A-1 Local network name SPIFNET  
A-2 Local adapter address 400009451902  
A-4 Hostname SYD2101A  
A-5 TCP/IP port or service name X'07F6C4C2' (default)  
A-6 Relational database name NEW_YORK3  

For more information, refer to the "DRDA Considerations" section of the DB2 Server for VSE & VM SQL Reference (SC09-2989).