Extending the Active Directory Schema for LDAP directory services (Windows)


If you plan to use the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory server feature with Windows® Server 2003, you should extend the Active Directory schema to contain DB2® object classes and attribute definitions. You should perform this task before you install any DB2 products.

Extending the directory schema ensures that:

If you decide to install your DB2 product and create databases before you extend the directory schema, you will have to manually register the node and catalog the databases.

Your Windows user account must have Schema Administration authority.

To extend the directory schema:

  1. Log onto the domain controller.

  2. Run the db2schex.exe program from the installation DVD with a user account that has Schema Administration authority. You can run this program without logging off and logging on again, as follows:

       runas /user:MyDomain\Administrator x:\db2\Windows\utilities\db2schex.exe
    where x: represents the DVD drive letter.
When db2schex.exe completes, you can proceed with the installation of your DB2 product.

Parent topic: DB2 servers and IBM data server clients

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