Modifying kernel parameters (Solaris Operating System)


For the DB2® database system to operate properly, it is recommended that you update your system's kernel configuration parameters. You can use the db2osconf utility to suggest recommended kernel parameters. If you want to take advantage of project resource controls (/etc/project), you should consult your Solaris documentation.

You must have root authority to modify kernel parameters.

To use the db2osconf command, first install the DB2 database system. The db2osconf utility can only be run from $DB2DIR/bin, where $DB2DIR is the directory where you installed your DB2 product.

You must restart your system after modifying kernel parameters.

To set a kernel parameter, add a line at the end of the /etc/system file as follows:

     set parameter_name = value
For example, to set the value of the msgsys:msginfo_msgmax parameter, add the following line to the end of the /etc/system file:

     set msgsys:msginfo_msgmax = 65535
After updating the /etc/system file, restart the system.

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