Preparing to install DB2 for Linux on zSeries


To install a DB2® product on an IBM® zSeries® that is running Linux™, make the installation image accessible to the Linux operating system. You can use FTP to send the installation image to the operating system, or use an NFS mount to make the product DVD available to the operating system.


You have already obtained your DB2 product installation image.

Using FTP to access the installation image

From the IBM zSeries computer running Linux:

  1. Enter the following command:


    where represents the FTP server where the DB2 product installation image resides.

  2. Enter your user ID and password.

  3. Enter the following commands:

       bin    get product file

    where product file represents the appropriate product package name.

Using the DB2 product DVD over NFS to access the installation image

To use the product DVD on a Linux operating system:

  1. Mount the appropriate product DVD.

  2. Export the directory where you mounted the DVD. For example, if you mounted the DVD under /db2dvd, then export the /db2dvd directory.

  3. On the IBM zSeries computer running Linux, NFS mount this directory using the following command:

       mount -t nfs -o ro nfsservername:/db2dvd /local_directory_name

    where nfsservername represents the hostname of the NFS server, db2dvd represents the name of the directory being exported on the NFS server, and local_directory_name represents the name of the local directory.

  4. From the IBM zSeries computer running Linux, change to the directory where the DVD is mounted. You can do this by entering the cd /local_directory_name command, where local_directory_name represents the mount point of your product DVD.

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