Configuring DB2 Connect with an XA compliant transaction manager


This topic describes the configuration steps necessary to use S/390®, System i™, and zSeries® database servers within your TP monitor.

You must have an operational TP monitor and have DB2 Connect™ installed, as well as have configured and tested a connection to the host or System i database server. To configure DB2 Connect to use S/390, System i, and zSeries database servers within your TP monitor, perform the following steps:

  1. Configure the TP monitor so that it can access the DB2® XA Switch. The DB2 XA Switch provides the TP monitor with the addresses of DB2 Connect's XA APIs. Every TP monitor has a different way to do this.

  2. Configure the TP monitor with DB2's XA_OPEN string. Each TP monitor has its own way to do this. For information on how to configure DB2's XA OPEN string for use by the TP monitor, refer to your TP monitor's documentation.

  3. If required, modify the DB2 Connect sync point manager (SPM) default configuration parameters. Host and System i (Version 5 Release 3 and earlier) database servers do not yet support the XA interface. System i Version 5 Release 4 and following has full XA support.

    The SPM is a component of DB2 Connect which maps the XA two phase commit protocol into the two phase commit protocol used by host and System i database servers. By default, the DB2 instance has predefined values for the SPM configuration parameters. The most significant parameter is the database manager configuration parameter SPM_NAME. It defaults to a variant of the first seven characters of the TCP/IP hostname.

    If you are using TCP/IP to connect to DB2 for OS/390® and z/OS®, then you should not have to change any of the default settings. In this case, there is no SPM configuration required since it is already operational.

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