Testing Multisite Update using the Control Center


You can test your multisite update setup using the Control center.

To test multisite update:

  1. Select the instance with the right mouse button and choose the Multisite Update —> Test menu option from the pop-up menu. The Test Multisite Update window opens.

  2. Select the databases you want to test from the available databases in the Available list box. You can use the arrow buttons (> and >>) in the middle to move selections to and from the Selected list box. You can also change the selected userid and password by directly editing them in the Selected list box.

  3. When you have finished your selection, click OK. The Multisite Update Test Result window opens.

  4. The Multisite Update Test Result window shows which of the databases you selected have succeeded or failed the update test. The window will show SQL codes and error messages for those that failed. Click Close to close the window.

  5. Click Close to close the Test Multisite Update window.

Parent topic: Multisite Updates