Language identifiers for running the DB2 Setup wizard in another language


If you want to run the DB2® Setup wizard in a language different from the default language on your computer, you can start the DB2 Setup wizard manually, specifying a language identifier. The language must be available on the platform where you are running the installation.

On Windows® operating systems, you can run setup.exe with the -i parameter to specify the two-letter language code of the language the installation is to use.

On Linux® and UNIX® operating systems, it is recommended that you set the LANG environment variable to display the DB2 Setup wizard in your national language.

Table 1. Language identifiers
Language Language identifier
Arabic (available on Windows platforms only) ar
Brazilian Portuguese br
Bulgarian bg
Chinese, Simplified cn
Chinese, Traditional tw
Croatian hr
Czech cz
Danish dk
Dutch nl
English en
Finnish fi
French fr
German de
Greek el
Hungarian hu
Italian it
Japanese jp
Korean kr
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Slovak sk
Slovenian sl
Spanish es
Swedish se
Turkish tr

Parent topic: Supported DB2 interface languages

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