DRDA and data access


Although DRDA® defines database communication protocols, it does not define the programming interfaces, or APIs, that should be used by application programmers. In general, DRDA can be used by an application program to pass any request that a target DRDA server can execute. All of the DRDA servers available today can execute SQL requests forwarded by an application program through DB2 Connect™.

IBM® provides application programmers with tools to generate SQL requests for the Windows®, UNIX®, and Linux™ operating systems. These tools are part of the DB2® client. The DB2 database manager supports several programming interfaces: ADO.NET, JDBC, SQLJ, PHP, Perl DBI, embedded SQL, DB2 Call Level Interface (DB2 Call Level Interface), and OLE DB. These APIs can be used by programmers to build applications in a variety of programming languages.

Parent topic: Distributed Relational Database Architecture