Security types supported with DB2 Connect


This topic lists the various combinations of authentication and security settings that are supported with DB2 Connect™.

Security types for TCP/IP connections

The TCP/IP communication protocol does not support security options at the network protocol layer. The authentication type determines where authentication takes place. Only the combinations shown in this table are supported by DB2 Connect. The authentication setting is in the database directory entry at the DB2 Connect server.
Table 1. Valid Security Scenarios
Scenario Authentication setting Validation
1 CLIENT Client
2 SERVER Host or System i™ database server
3 SERVER_ENCRYPT Host or System i database server
4 KERBEROS Kerberos security
5 DATA_ENCRYPT Host or System i database server

Discussion of security types

The following discussion applies to the connections described above and listed in Table 1. Each scenario is described in more detail, as follows:

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