Problems encountered after an initial connection


The following questions are offered as a starting point to assist in narrowing the scope of the problem.

  1. Are there any special or unusual operating circumstances?

  2. Has this error occurred before?

  3. Have you explored using communications software commands that return information about the network?

  4. Is there information returned in the SQLCA (SQL communication area) that can be helpful?

  5. Was DB2START executed at the Server? Additionally, ensure that the DB2COMM environment variable is set correctly for clients accessing the server remotely.

  6. Are other machines performing the same task able to connect to the server successfully? The maximum number of clients attempting to connect to the server might have been reached. If another client disconnects from the server, is the client who was previously unable to connect, now able to connect?

  7. Does the machine have the proper addressing? Verify that the machine is unique in the network.

  8. When connecting remotely, has the proper authority been granted to the client? Connection to the instance might be successful, but the authorization might not have been granted at the database or table level.

  9. Is this the first machine to connect to a remote database? In distributed environments routers or bridges between networks might block communication between the client and the server. For example, when using TCP/IP, ensure that you can PING the remote host.

Parent topic: Troubleshooting