Business Object thresholds

Applying limits on business operations reduces the risk of system attacks where unbound conditions might result in system failures. Business Object thresholds can be reached by internal users, business users, and customers. The threshold conditions can occur in:

  1. Storefront operational data, such as order items and search criteria.

  2. Internal tools that access operational data.

The most unpredictable and uncontrollable type of system access are the actions of storefront customers. Therefore, most detection scenarios involve targeting customer interactions within the storefront. WebSphere Commerce uses the following methodology to detect and handle a storefront threshold scenario:

Depending on each component's business requirements, different business thresholds can be introduced. The values of these thresholds are contained in a component registry configuration file. Each service module can have as many business thresholds as necessary. A system administrator can modify the threshold values after deployment when business requirements change.

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