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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Run the application client

  1. Start the cluster.

  2. In the <WAS_HOME>/bin> directory, run the following command:

    wpfadmin listActive --a ProxyDSAccountSample --o 200

    You will see 200 partitions are being activated.

  3. In a client window, run the following command in the <WAS_HOME>/installedApps/<cell>/ directory:

    ..\..\bin\launchClient.bat ProxyDSAccountSample.ear -CCBootstrapPort=

    where, the BOOTSTRAP_PORT is the bootstrap port of any server in this node, for example, 9811. You will see the following output:

     IBM WAS, Release 6.0
    J2EE Application Client Tool
    Copyright IBM Corp., 1997-2004
    WSCL0035I: Initialization of the J2EE Application Client Environment has completed.
    WSCL0014I: Invoking the Application Client class
    ----Move partition E0001 and W0001 to different servers using the following command.
    <WAS_DMGR_HOME>/bin/wpfadmin.cmd| move --p E0001|W0001 --d 
    <ENTER> to continue..........

  4. Run the commands mentioned in the output from the previous step to move partitions E0001 and W0001 to different servers. Then, press Enter. The following is displayed in the application client window:

    1.Create Account E_ACCT0001 with balance 1000 for Jian
      in server monkey1Cell01/monkey1Node02/s1
    2.Create Account W_ACCT0001 with balance 2000 for Josh
      in server monkey1Cell01/monkey1Node02/s2
    ----Check the server to see the routing is correct.
    ----Check the database. The previous records are added to 
      two different databases you have configured.
    <ENTER> to continue..........

    Make sure <server1> is the server where you moved partition E0001, and <server2> is the server where you moved partition W0001.

  5. Check the database to make sure account W_ACT0001 is created in westtest database, and account E_ACCT0001 is created in easttest database Press Enter. The following is displayed in the application client window:

    3.Delete Account W_ACCT0001
    4.Delete Account E_ACCT0001
    5.Sample finishes

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