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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.


With the updatePolicy parameter, you can update any or all of the attributes of the specified policy.

The following list shows each policy type with the attributes that can be updated:

[root@wpfsample3 bin]# ./wpfadmin updatePolicy "myM-Of-N FP2 Policy" -failback 
true -preferredOnly false -preferredServers NodeA/Server1,NodeC/Server3
WASX7209I: Connected to process "Deployment Manager" on node wpfsample3Manager 
using SOAP connector;  The type of process is: DeploymentManager
The policy myM-Of-N FP2 Policy has been updated

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Management script wpfadmin and usage

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Management script wpfadmin and usage