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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.


The subscribeWPFPMI parameter subscribes the asynchronous PMI module for the partitioning facility (WPF).

The following example shows the usage of this parameter:

./wpfadmin subscribeWPFPMI [active|cumulative] 
<aggregator_interval> --

If active is passed, the data the user sees will be reset every time the aggregator interval runs its course. If cumulative is passed, the data will not be reset. If TransactionCount is passed, the latest aggregated data for each of the partitions regarding the number of transactions processed will be returned. If ResponseTime is passed, the latest aggregated data for each of the partitions regarding the minimum, maximum, and average response time will be returned. These two options allow the user to look at what partitions are processing the most transactions currently (or which partitions have the highest response times), as well as a history of the partitions that have processed the most transactions up to this time (or history of the partitions that have had the highest response times).

<application name> and <ejb_name> specify the application and EJB for which to keep PMI statistics.

<partition_count> refers to how many partitions to keep PMI statistics, e.g. if there are 10,000 partitions in the cluster, and the partition_count is set to 20, only the top 20 partitions in terms of transaction count or response time will be stored.

<aggregator_interval> refers to the interval the aggregator waits between aggregations. The default value is 15000 milliseconds.

<cluster_name> refers to the cluster the application is running. If the PMI specification level for wpfModule is not set to H for any server in this cluster, subscribeWPFPMI will fail.

The subscribeWPFPMI parameter returns an ID integer to the user. The user will use this ID in subsequent commands when getting statistics and updating subscribe options. All of these options can be set separately as well.

[root@wpfsample3 bin]# ./wpfadmin subscribeWPFPMI cumulative TransactionCount 
WPFKeyBasedPartitionSample WPFKeyBasedPartition 3 15000 --c cluster1
WASX7209I: Connected to process "Deployment Manager" on node wpfsample3Manager 
using SOAP connector; The type of process is: DeploymentManager
WPFC0065I: Cluster set to cluster1
WPFC0040I: WPF PMI has been subscribed with options range=cumulative, 
type=TransactionCount, application name=WPFKeyBasedPartitionSample, 
ejb name=WPFKeyBasedPartition, partition count=3, interval=15000
WPFC0041I: Your client id is 2. Use this in future wpfadmin PMI calls.

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