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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Statistics type

There are two types of partition statistics users are interested in: transaction count or response time. Transaction count tracks the number of transactions in a certain period. Response time tracks the total response time of all transactions over a certain period. The partitioning facility (WPF) has its own WPF PMI module, called wpfModule, which can be enabled to track these two statistics. There is only one TimeStatistics in this module, since transaction count can also be tracked by TimeStatistics objects.

Both transaction count and response time will be displayed when you retrieve the statistics. This statistics type is used for sorting purpose. When statistics type is set to TransactionCount the statistics are sorted by transaction counts, and when set to ResponseTime the statistics are sorted by response time.

Use one of the following commands to set the statistics type for one PMI subscription.

wpfAdmin.bat setStatisticsType [TransactionCount|ResponseTime] --id PMI_SUBSCRIPTION_ID

wpfadmin setStatisticsType [TransactionCount|ResponseTime] --id PMI_SUBSCRIPTION_ID

You can also use Java™ code, jacl script, or jython script to get the MBean instance, and change the statistics type through the MBean.

  1. Execute wpfadmin setStatisticsType TransactionCount --id 1 to change the statistics type to TransactionCount.

  2. Wait for 60 seconds, and retrieve the statistics by executing wpfadmin getTransactionCount --id 1. You will get the following output:

    PartitionName  TrnsctnCnt  TtlRspnsTm  MinTime  MaxTime  StartTime    SumOfSqrs
    PK000010        3            1543       260      671   1094180667170  892385
    PK000009        3            369         21      242   1094180667070  70241
    PK000008        3            932         99      482   1094180666990  365326
    PK000007        3            396         25      200   1094180666829  69866
    PK000006        3            392         75      236   1094180666759  67882

    The statistics changed very little from the last output. The orders of TransactionCount and TotalResponseTime column are exchanged. However, using TransactionCount instead of TotalResponseTime sorts this output.

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