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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Proxy datasource problems

All Enterprise JavaBeans™ for accessing CMP enterprise beans with Proxy DataSource support should be called by local interfaces.

In each transaction, the session bean has to use local interface to invoke any Container-Managed Persistence (CMP) enterprise beans. Remote interfaces of CMP enterprise beans are not supported and will cause unexpected behavior. Therefore, ensure the session bean uses a local interface to invoke CMP enterprise bean. If some session beans are involved in the same transaction which access the CMP EJBs with Proxy DataSource support, all calls to these session beans should use local interfaces. No remote interfaces can be used to access CMP EJBs with Proxy DataSource support or session beans which access these CMP EJBs.

Specify datasource at beginning of each transaction

At the beginning of every transaction (method), the Session bean has to specify the datasource the current transaction will use by using API WSProxyDataSourceHelper.setCurrentDataSourceJNDIName method. If the session bean does not specify the datasource JNDI name. The first datasource JNDI name from the jndiNames custom property of the proxy datasource will be used, and a warning will be logged.

Performance monitoring (5.1 Proxy DataSource model only)

The problem experienced is Performance Monitoring Instrumentation (PMI) is not available for statement cache used in Proxy DataSource.

Proxy DataSource uses a special statement cache for caching the prepared statements. In this release, there is no performance monitoring instrumentation for this statement cache.

Test connection non-functional

The problem experienced is that the test connection does not work for Proxy DataSource.

The Test Connection button from the administrative console will not work for Proxy DataSource. If you configure the proxy datasource correctly, we will see exceptions when you click the Test Connection button. Using the testConnection function from the MBean will not work.

To make sure the datasource is configured, click the Test Connection button of the underlying datasources for the proxy data source. For example, if the proxy datasource has the custom property jdbc/dsName1;jdbc/dsName2, you can test the connection to datasources with the JNDI name jdbc/dsName1 and jdbc/dsName2.

Configure proxy datasource statement cache (5.1 Proxy DataSource model only)

Configure the right statement cache size for a proxy datasource.

When you create a proxy datasource, set the statement cache size to 0 in the datasource panel. Configure the statement cache size for the proxy datasource using the custom property statementCacheSizes. If the value is a single integer, the statement cache sizes for all underlying datasources will be set to that value. Alternatively, you can set the statement cache size for individual underlying data sources using a semicolon separator with the format value1;value2;...;value2. For example, 10;20;30 means the statement cache size for the underlying datasource 1 is 10, the statement cache size for the underlying datasource 2 is 20, and the statement cache size for the underlying datasource 3 is 30.

Override the datastore helper class when creating the proxy datasource (5.1 Proxy DataSource model only)

Override the datastore helper class when creating the proxy datasource.

Currently, there is only two proxy datasource JDBC provider for all supported databases, one for non-XA, and one for XA. Specify the right datastore helper class when creating the datasources. If a wrong datastore helper class is specified, you might get exceptions. For example, if the underlying datasources use DB2 Universal JDBC provider, the datastore helper class should be overridden as

Enterprise beans using Proxy DataSource can only be accessed in a global transaction (5.1 Proxy DataSource model only)

If you use enterprise beans whose connection factory is mapped to a proxy datasource, the should access enterprise beans in global transactions.

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