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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.


The disableWPFPMI parameter disables the partitioning facility (WPF) PMI module.

Available options:

--c <cluster name> PMI will be disabled for all servers in the given cluster.

Usage: ./wpfadmin disableWPFPMI --c cluster1


disableWPFPMI: Disables the WPF PMI module.
[root@wpfsample3 bin]# ./wpfadmin disableWPFPMI --c c
WASX7209I: Connected to process "Deployment Manager" on node wpfsample3Manager 
using SOAP connector;  The type of process is: DeploymentManager
WPFC0065I: Cluster set to c
WPFC0064I: The wpfModule of PMI is disabled for cluster c

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Management script wpfadmin and usage

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Management script wpfadmin and usage