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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

z/OSzOS restrictions in WPF

This article describes the restrictions in the partitioning facility (WPF) in Extended Deployment for z/OS v6.0.1.

This following restrictions apply to the partitioning facility (WPF) in Extended Deployment for z/OS v6.0.1.

  1. Extended Deployment for z/OS V6.0.1 only supports one servant region (SR) server configuration. If the application server is configured with more than one SR, the WPF will not behave as documented.

  2. WPF-WLM Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) routing is not supported.

  3. The long-running scheduler can only be hosted in a single servant server.

  4. WPF cannot host the ObjectGrid in server mode inside a WAS for z/OS server.

  5. IIOP/JMS work classes are not supported for z/OS.

    There is no programming model change in Extended Deployment for z/OS V6.0.1, except the application has to handle partition routing.

  6. Proxy datasource function not supported in z/OS.

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