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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Variable partition set

The use of an object key as the partition name is perhaps the best example of the variable partition set pattern. The routing POJO extracts the data key from each request, and the request is then routed to the cluster member that the partition was assigned to by the highly available (HA) manager.

One advantage of this approach is that if a specific key becomes busy, from a load perspective, then the key can be moved independently of other partitions to another server. One disadvantage of this pattern is that there are likely to be many partitions, and therefore a higher system overhead associated with their administration/management. The partitioning facility can scale to a very large number (~20k) partitions, but applications should always strive to minimize the number of partitions for each application.

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Data partitioning patterns

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