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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Partition routable session bean

A partition routable session bean (PRSB) is a stateless session bean packaged in the same enterprise bean module with the partitioned stateless session bean (PSSB), but it does not implement the required PSSB interfaces. The PSSB must implement the interfaces as defined previously. The PRSB implements the business methods because the PSSB does not specify them. A PRSB is the bean against which the wpfstubutil command will be run.

You can implement more than one PRSB implemented in the Java™ Archive (JAR). This is useful if the application has several sets of partitions for multiple purposes. The partition sets must be named uniquely with multiple session beans implementing separate pieces of a given application. The advantage is that only the business method interfaces need to be present in the PRSB (rather than the APIs supporting the partitioning facility's (WPF) framework like getPartitions, partitionUnloadEvent(String)).

Because the PSSB bean is collocated, the routing is based upon the PSSB, but it does enable the application writer to avoid using the PSSB implementation directly to make the code more readable. All administration functions, however, utilize the PSSB bean name; this process is just an abstraction.

The PSSB partitions for that partitioned J2EE application are associated with the PSSB. For example, the -pn Group Member property (see the HA manager section) is the name of the PSSB bean, instead of the PRSB.

The programmer must use the wpfstubutil on the PRSB just as they do with the PSSB if remote methods are routable to the correct partition on the server.

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