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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Relation of a partition to an HA group

As mentioned previously, it is important to understand a single partition is actually a high availability (HA) group of members. For example, when PK000001 is created, it is created on each cluster member, in the specific cluster the application is installed, and started within at cluster start.

Each cluster member creates a Partition and joins with a group of common attributes, as described above. The attributes defined are all the same, but the value of one is unique to the partition name (-pn). For example, each PK000001 partition is created with a property -pn having the value of PK000001. Thus the HA group representing the HA group of the partition for PK000001 has a member on each available cluster member, and only one.

Depending on the policy chosen (e.g. cluster scoped for example), HA Manager will determine on which cluster member PK000001 will be activated upon. The activated instance of the group in the partitioning facility has a special significance. For the partitioning facility, the active member will receive all work requests for the HA group that represents PK000001. How many members of the HA group are activated for a particular partition over the set of active cluster members is called Partition Scope and is discussed in more detail below.

The key concept here is to denote that each cluster member creates a member in the HA group, and the values of the properties are the same. When they are created on the separate cluster members, the HA manager recognizes they are of the same group cluster wide by comparing the group properties providing during application startup and treats each individually created cluster member created as part of the PK000001 HA group when the properties are equal.

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