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Deprecated feature: The partitioning facility (WPF) feature is deprecated. You can configure partitioning with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

CMP datasource overview

Applications that use container-managed persistence (CMP) beans normally specify a single database to use with one CMP enterprise bean. All the CMP enterprise bean instances of one type will read and write to one database node, which will become the performance bottleneck. You could deploy the CMP beans N times, once for each database. However, this is not very flexible for the following reasons:

WebSphere eXtreme Scale has a feature that allows the application to tell the product which datasource to use before the transaction starts. When a cluster member receives a request for a particular application partition, then it communicates to the CMP runtime to use a specific data source for the duration of the current transaction. This allows the directed transaction pattern to be used with the application. Also, such applications can increase their availability, and it allows the database tier to scale horizontally on blade type environments. The applications can also take advantage of the MAPPER table pattern to very flexibly manage data and move partitions around to better manage the operational aspects of an application, such as how to move a very busy partition to a lightly loaded database node for performance reasons.

Extended Deployment v6.0 supports DB2 UDB and Oracle with the proxy datasource. The supported Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers are:

See the WAS v6.0.2 document for supported JDBC driver levels. If you need support for other databases or JDBC drivers, contact IBM support for more details. In Extended Deployment v6.0, a new Proxy DataSource model is offered. The Proxy DataSource model introduced in WebSphere Extended Deployment v5.1 is renamed to 5.1 Proxy DataSource in v6.0 and is deprecated. Users are strongly recommended to use the new Proxy DataSource in 6.0. As a result, the example presented in this section will use only the 6.0 programming model.

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