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Run an integrated client or server application with WAS in Rational Application Developer

Configure and run a Java™ EE application with a WebSphere eXtreme Scale client or server with the WAS runtime embedded in Rational Application Developer. If you are configuring a server, starting WAS automatically starts WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Before you begin

The following steps are for WAS v7.0 with Rational Application Developer v7.5. The following steps might vary if you are using different versions of these products.

Install Rational Application Developer with WAS Test Environment extensions.

Install WebSphere eXtreme Scale client or server into the WAS, v7.0 Test Environment in the rad_home\runtimes\base_v7 directory.


  1. Define eXtreme Scale server that is integrated with WAS for the project.

    1. In the J2EE perspective, click Window > Show View > Servers.

    2. Right-click in the Servers pane. Choose New > Server.

    3. Choose IBM WAS v7.0. Click Next.

    4. Select a profile to use. The default is was70profile1.

    5. Enter the server name. The default is server1.

    6. Click Next.

    7. Select the Java EE application in the Available pane. Click Add > to move it to the Configured pane on the server. Click Finish.

  2. To run the Java EE application, start the application server. Right-click WAS v7.0 and select Start.

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