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IBM Support Assistant for WXS

Use the IBM Support Assistant to collect data, analyze symptoms, and access product information.

IBM Support Assistant Lite

ISA Lite for WXS provides automatic data collection and symptom analysis, setting proper Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability tracing levels set (trace levels are set automatically by the tool)

ISA Lite also reduces the effort required to send the appropriate log information to IBM Support.

ISA Lite is included in each installation of WXS v7.1.0.

IBM Support Assistant

IBM Support Assistant (ISA) provides quick access to product, education, and support resources that can help you answer questions and resolve problems with IBM software products on the own, without needing to contact IBM Support. Different product-specific plug-ins let you customize ISA for the particular products you have installed. ISA can also collect system data, log files, and other information to help IBM Support determine the cause of a particular problem.

ISA is a utility to be installed on the workstation, not directly onto the WXS server system itself. The memory and resource requirements for the Assistant could negatively affect the performance of the WXS server system. The included portable diagnostic components are designed for minimal impact to the normal operation of a server.

Use ISA to help you in the following ways:

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