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Enable client-side map replication

You can also enable replication of maps on the client side to make data available faster.

With eXtreme Scale, you can replicate a server map to one or more clients by using asynchronous replication. A client can request a local read-only copy of a server side map by using the ClientReplicableMap.enableClientReplication method.

void enableClientReplication(Mode mode, int[] partitions,
    ReplicationMapListener listener) throws ObjectGridException;

The first parameter is the replication mode. This mode can be a continuous replication or a snapshot replication. The second parameter is an array of partition IDs that represent the partitions from which to replicate the data. If the value is null or an empty array, the data is replicated from all the partitions. The last parameter is a listener to receive client replication events. See ClientReplicableMap and ReplicationMapListener in the API documentation for details.

After the replication is enabled, then the server starts to replicate the map to the client. The client is eventually only a few transactions behind the server at any point in time.

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