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Integrate with WebSphere products

You can integrate WebSphere eXtreme Scale with other server products, such as WAS and WAS Community Edition.

WAS Community Edition

WAS Community Edition can share session state, but not in an efficient, scalable manner. WebSphere eXtreme Scale provides a high performance, distributed persistence layer that can be used to replicate state, but does not readily integrate with any application server outside of WAS. You can integrate these two products to provide a scalable session-management solution. See Configure the HTTP session manager for various application servers for details.


You can integrate WAS into various aspects of the WebSphere eXtreme Scale configuration. You can deploy data grid applications and use WAS to host container and catalog servers. You can also use WAS security in the WebSphere eXtreme Scale environment. See the following topics for more information:

WebSphere Real Time

With support for WebSphere Real Time, the industry-leading real-time Java™ offering, WebSphere eXtreme Scale enables Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) applications to have more consistent and predictable response times. See Use WebSphere Real Time for more information.

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