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Install WebSphere eXtreme Scale or WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client silently

Before you begin

Use a fully qualified response file, which you configure specifically to the needs, or pass parameters to the command line to silently install eXtreme Scale or eXtreme Scale Client.

Before you begin

A silent installation uses the same installation program that the GUI version uses. However, instead of displaying a wizard interface, the silent installation reads all of the responses from a file that you customize, or from parameters that you pass to the command line.


  1. To install eXtreme Scale or eXtreme Scale Client using a response file, customize wxssetup.response.txt.

    Specify the fully-qualified response file name. Specifying the relative path causes the installation to fail with no indication that an error occurred.

    1. Make a copy of the response file to customize.

      For the eXtreme Scale full installation, copy the response file from the product DVD to the disk drive.

      For the eXtreme Scale Client, unzip the eXtreme Scale Client zip file onto your hard drive and find the response file.

    2. Open and edit the response file in the text editor of your choice.

      The previous example response file provides details on how to specify each of the parameters. Specify the following parameters:

      • The license agreement
      • The installation directory

      Tip: When you install eXtreme Scale or eXtreme Scale Client in a WAS environment, the installer uses the installation directory to determine where the existing WAS instance is installed. If you install on a node that contains multiple WAS instances, clearly define your location.

    3. For the eXtreme Scale full installation...

      ./ -options C:/drive_path/response_file.txt -silent

      For the eXtreme Scale Client installation...

      ./WXS_Client/ -options C:/drive_path/response_file.txt -silent

      You can also use the response file when you run a GUI installation.

      Use the response file with a GUI installation to debug problems that are hidden with the silent installation. When you specify the wxssetup.response file for GUI or silent installations, use the fully qualified path.

      Run the following script to run the GUI installation with the response file:

        install_home/ -options /path/to/wxssetup.response

  2. Optional: If you choose to install eXtreme Scale by passing certain parameters to the command line, run the following script to start the installation:

    For the eXtreme Scale full installation...

    ./ -silent -OPT silentInstallLicenseAcceptance=true -OPT installLocation=install_location

    For the eXtreme Scale Client installation...

    ./WXS_Client/ -silent -OPT silentInstallLicenseAcceptance=true -OPT installLocation=install_location

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