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Create a build definition file and generating an IIP

The IBM Installation Factory plug-in for WebSphere eXtreme Scale generates an IIP based on the properties that the build definition file provides. The build definition file contains information such as which installation packages to include in the IIP, the order in which the Installation Factory installs each package, and the location of the IIP.

Use the Build definition wizard to create a build definition file and generate an IIP.


  1. Run the following script from the IF_HOME/bin directory to start the Installation Factory:

    • [Unix][Linux]

    • [Windows] ifgui.bat

  2. Click the Create New Integrated Installation Package icon to start the Build definition wizard.

  3. Follow the prompts in the wizard.

    1. On the Construct the IIP panel, select a supported installation package from the list, and click Add Installer to add the installation package to the IIP. A panel that displays the package name, the package identifier, and the package properties is displayed.

      To view specific information about the selected package, click View Installation Package Information. Click Modify to enter the directory path to the installation package for each operating system. If you are currently adding an installation package for Extended Deployment, select the checkbox, which provides you with the option to use the same package for all supported operating systems. Click OK and return to the Construct the IIP panel. An invocation is created by default.

      • To modify the directory path to an installation package, select the package from the Installation packages used in the IIP list, and click Modify.

      • To modify an invocation, select the invocation, and click Modify. Specify the default installation location for the invocation on each operating system. Specify the location to the response file if you select a silent installation as the default installation mode.

      • Click Add Invocation to add an invocation contribution to the installation package. A panel from which you can specify properties for the invocation is displayed.

      • Click Remove to remove installation packages or invocations.

  4. Review the summary of the selections, select the Save build definition file and generate integrated installation package option, and click Finish.

    Alternatively, you can save the build definition file without generating the IIP. With this option, you actually generate the IIP outside of the wizard by running the ifcli.bat | script from the IF_home/bin/ directory.


You created and customized the build definition file for an IIP.

What to do next

Install the IIP.

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