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Runtime JAR files for WXS integrated with WAS

File name Environment Installation location Description
wxsdynacache.jar Client and server lib Classes to use with the dynamic cache provider.
wsobjectgrid.jar Local and client lib WXS local, client, and server run times.
ogagent.jar Local, client, and server lib Runtime classes that are required to run the Java instrumentation agent that is used with the EntityManager API.
ogsip.jar Server lib WXS Scale SIP session management runtime that is compatible with WAS v6.1.x.
sessionobjectgrid.jar Client and server lib Contains the WXS HTTP session management runtime.
sessionobjectgridsip.jar Server lib Contains the WXS SIP session management runtime compatible with WAS v7.x.
wsogclient.jar Local and client lib Installed when you use an environment that contains WAS v6.0.2 and later. This file contains only the local and client runtime environments.
wxssizeagent.jar Local, client, and server lib Provide more accurate cache entry sizing information when using JRE v1.5 or later.
oghibernate-cache.jar Client and server optionalLibraries/ObjectGrid WXS level 2 cache plug-in for JBoss Hibernate.
ogspring.jar Local, client, and server optionalLibraries/ObjectGrid Contains support classes for the SpringSource Spring framework integration.
xsadmin.jar Utility optionalLibraries/ObjectGrid WXS administration sample utility.
Client and server optionalLibraries/ObjectGrid/endorsed This set of files includes the ORB runtime that is used for running applications in Java SE processes.
wxshyperic.jar Utility optionalLibraries/ObjectGrid/hyperic/lib The WXS server detection plug-in for the SpringSource Hyperic monitoring agent.
restservice.ear Client optionalLibraries/ObjectGrid/restservice/lib WXS REST data service application enterprise archive for WAS environments.
restservice.war Client optionalLibraries/ObjectGrid/restservice/lib WXS REST data service Web archive for application servers acquired from another vendor.
splicerlistener.jar Utility optionalLibraries/ObjectGrid/session/lib Splicer utility for the WXS HTTP session manager filter.
splicer.jar Utility optionalLibraries/ObjectGrid/legacy/session/lib Contains the v7.0 splicer utility for the WXS HTTP session manager filter.

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