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Build definition file

A build definition file is an XML document that specifies how to build and install a customized installation package (CIP) or an integrated installation package (IIP). The IBM Installation Factory for WebSphere eXtreme Scale reads the package details of the build definition file to generate a CIP or an IIP.

Before you can create a CIP or an IIP, create a build definition file for each customized package. The build definition file describes which product components, or installation packages, to install, the location of the CIP or IIP, the maintenance packages to include, the installation scripts, and other files that you choose to include. You can also specify in the build definition file for the IIP the order in which the Installation Factory installs each installation package.

The Build definition wizard steps you through the process of creating a build definition file. You can also use the wizard to modify an existing build definition file. Each panel in the Build definition wizard prompts you for information about a customized package, such as the package identification, the installation location for the build definition, and the installation location for the customized package. All of this information is saved in the new build definition file, or modified and saved in an existing build definition file. For more information, see the CIP Build definition wizard panels and the IIP Build definition wizard panels.

To create only the build definition file, you can use the command-line interface tool to generate the customized package outside of the GUI. See Silently installing a CIP or an IIP for more information.

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