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  1. Configure Akamai content on web server
  2. Akamai mobile network configuration
  3. AT&T IP addresses

Configure Akamai content on web server

  1. Verify location of document root. Log on to cfoonp1a as user wasadmin and run...

    cd $REPORTS
    sh ./httpd.conf.sh
    grep DocumentRoot *_httpd.conf | grep -v \#

    Sample output...

    cfooad6c_httpd.conf:DocumentRoot "/opt/IHS70/htdocs"
    cfooad7c_httpd.conf:DocumentRoot "/opt/IHS70/htdocs"
    cfooqa4c_httpd.conf:DocumentRoot "/opt/IHS70/htdocs"
    cfooqa8c_httpd.conf:DocumentRoot "/opt/IHS70/htdocs"
    cfooqa9c_httpd.conf:DocumentRoot "/opt/IHS70/htdocs"
    cfoost5c_httpd.conf:DocumentRoot "/opt/IHS70/htdocs"
    cfoost6c_httpd.conf:DocumentRoot "/opt/IHS70/htdocs"

  2. Create Akamai content (SureRoute) under DocumentRoot of targeted web server host.

    The zip file referenced here is created by the Dev team. If they do not send you a new file, you can use the linked one below.

    cd $REPORTS
    scp ../software/SRTO_SLA_test_files.zip

  3. Test from browser...

Akamai mobile network configuration

To access mobile pages on mobile devices...

  1. The WCS environment should be exposed outside MyCo network. (Lead Architect)

  2. Install proper certificate on the WCS servers. (Lead Architect

    This will allow us to access the m-commerce pages from native app without any security certificate popup issue.

  3. Add AT&T IP addresses to Akamai white listing.

    This will help prevent "Access denied" error message while accessing WCS pages in the native app. Submit an environment ticket to add the IP addresses to Akamai white listing for all the WCS7 lower life cycles. Environment team will add it to Akami white listing.