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Retrive Management Center objects by transforming Nouns into XML

When data is sent from the WebSphere Commerce Server to the Management Center, the Management Center Web application transforms Nouns into the XML representation that is expected by the Management Center. The JSP file that represents the Struts action forward is used to transform Nouns into XML format.

The following types of JSP pages are used to transform WebSphere Commerce services Nouns into XML format:

Add more data using the built-in UserData support

If you customized the Management Center to add UserData into your Noun, the serialization JSP fragments that are ready for you to use without modification ensure that this user data is transformed into the Management Center object. The following code snippet shows the structure of UserData:

<c:forEach var="userDataField" items="${catalogEntry.description.attributes}"> 
<xattr_${userDataField.typedKey}>${userDataField.typedValue}</xattr_ ${userDataField.typedKey}>

Management Center objects that correspond to information in a UserData element must use the naming convention of xattr_name, where name is the name attribute of the value and the property value is the value. When the change or process URL request is initiated, the configured UserData element that is associated with xattr is populated appropriately. For example, the UserData Noun might be xattr_WarrantyTerms. For more information about User Data, see Add data to an existing Management Center object.


The XML format and JSP files have the following characteristics:


The following examples are JSP files and the output XML format that are generated during a Noun to XML transformation:

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