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Script the application serving environment (wsadmin)

  1. How do I use wsadmin commands to administer applications and their environments?
  2. Use wsadmin scripting
  3. Get started with wsadmin scripting
  4. wsadmin objects
  5. wsadmin AdminApp
  6. wsadmin AdminControl
  7. wsadmin AdminConfig
  8. wsadmin AdminTask
  9. Start the wsadmin scripting client
  10. Restricting remote access using scripting
  11. Use the script library to automate the application serving environment
  12. Administer applications
  13. Manage deployed applications
  14. Configure applications using scripting
  15. Configure servers with scripting
  16. Manage servers, nodes and cells with scripting
  17. Set up intermediary services using scripting
  18. Use properties files to manage system configuration
  19. Administer jobs in a flexible management environment
  20. Clustering servers with wsadmin scripting
  21. Use the Administration Thin Client
  22. Troubleshoot with scripting
  23. Scripting and command line reference material
  24. Scripting for batch applications
  25. Scripting for data access resources
  26. Scripting for Mail, URLs, and other Java EE resources
  27. Scripting for messaging resources
  28. Scripting for naming and directory
  29. Scripting for security
  30. Scripting for service integration
  31. Scripting web applications
  32. Scripting for web services


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