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Administer applications

Administer production environments and realistic test environments, which includes performing post-installation and customization tasks (by administrators), deploying applications onto application servers, and administering applications and their server environments. Administration with wsadmin scripting is covered in a separate section.

See also the monitoring, tuning and security sections.


  1. How do I administer applications and their environments?
  2. Use the administrative clients
  3. Use Ant to automate tasks
  4. Start and stop quick reference
  5. Backing up and recovering the application serving environment
  6. Class loading
  7. Deploy and administer enterprise applications
  8. Manage applications through programming
  9. Extending application management operations through programming
  10. Deploy and administer business-level applications
  11. Troubleshoot deployment
  12. Troubleshoot administration
  13. Administer ActivitySessions
  14. Administer application profiling
  15. Administer the batch environment
  16. Administer client applications
  17. Administer concurrency
  18. Administer data access resources
  19. Administer dynamic caching
  20. Administer EJB applications
  21. Manage the Intelligent Management environment
  22. Configure Intelligent Management to work with other IBM products
  23. Administer internationalization service
  24. Administer Java Persistence API (JPA) applications
  25. Administer Mail, URLs, and other Java EE resources
  26. Administer messaging resources
  27. Administer naming and directory
  28. Administer object pools
  29. Administer Object Request Broker (ORB)
  30. Administer OSGi applications
  31. Administer portlet applications
  32. Administer scheduler service
  33. Administer application security
  34. Administer service integration
  35. Administer service mapping
  36. Administer SIP applications
  37. Administer startup beans
  38. Administer transactions
  39. Administer web applications
  40. Administer web services
  41. Administer web services - bus-enabled web services
  42. Administer web services - Invocation framework (WSIF)
  43. Administer web services - Notification (WS-Notification)
  44. Administer web services - Policy (WS-Policy)
  45. Administer web services - Reliable messaging (WS-ReliableMessaging)
  46. Administer web services - RESTful services
  47. Administer web services - Security (WS-Security)
  48. Administer web services - Transaction support (WS-Transaction)
  49. Administer web services - Transports
  50. Administer web services - UDDI registry
  51. Administer work areas


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