Jacl scripts





Commandline usage for scripts go something like the following...

wsadmin.sh -username system \
        -password password \
        -f createcluster.jacl clstrname "node1 node2 ..." svrprefix 1 1

See wasmenu.sh for a menu that prompts for parameters and runs some scripts.


Jacl Apps

Function Get code Set code
Listener Ports get_listener_ports.jacl set_listener_ports.jacl
JVM get_JavaProcessDef.jacl set_JVM.jacl
Web Container get_WebContainerServices.jacl set_WebContainerServices.jacl
Serialization Session Access get_serialization.jacl set_serialization.jacl
HTTP Transports get_HTTPTransport.jacl set_HTTPTransports.jacl
HTTP Transports get_JAASAuthData.jacl set_JAASAuthData.jacl
JDBC Provider get_JDBCProvider.jacl set_JDBCProvider.jacl
Data Sources get_DS.jacl set_DS.jacl
JMS Provider get_JMSProvider.jacl set_JMSProvider.jacl
MQ Queues get_MQ_Queues.jacl set_MQ_Queues.jacl
MQ Queue Connection Factory get_MQ_QCF.jacl set_MQ_QCF.jacl
Security get_Security.jacl set_J2C_Authentication_Data.jacl
Log rotation policy
Message Listener get_message_listener.jacl set_message_listener.jacl
HTTP Transport
EJB Container attributes
JVM debug parameters
J2C Resource Adapters get_J2CResourceAdapters.jacl


Admin Scripts

Note: To execute these Jacl scripts, put your jacl commands in a file, for example filename.jacl, and execute by running:

wsadmin.sh -username system -password password -f filename.jacl

  1. Configure JDBC provider and datasources

    wsadmin.sh -username user 
               -password passwd 
               -f set_jdbc.jacl cellname 

    For example:

    wsadmin.sh -username system 
                -password password 
               -f set_jdbc.jacl cellA 
                            "Oracle JDBC Thin Driver (XA)" 
                            "Oracle JDBC Thin Driver (XA)" 

  2. Configure data source max connections.

        wsadmin.sh -username system \
                   -password password \
                   -f set_ds_max_conns.jacl

  3. Configure data source custom properties

        wsadmin.sh -username system \
                   -password password \
                   -f set_ds_custom_properties.jacl

  4. Generate an installation report using display.jacl

    wsadmin.sh -username system \
            -password \
            -f display.jacl 

  5. Uninstall an application, run uninstallApp.jacl

    wsadmin.sh -username system \
            -password \
            -f uninstallApp.jacl clustername appName

  6. Display summary information about a WAS installation.

  7. Create server, modify, load app, start server
  8. Stop server, uninstall app, remove server
  9. Setting traces and dumping threads
  10. Various app install options
  11. Use a template to create a JDBCProvider and DataSource; modify DataSource
  12. J2C security; installing J2CResourceAdapter and creating J2CConnectionFactory
  13. Create JDBCProvider using template; create CMPConnectionFactory
  14. Create WebSphere variable; create URLProvider and URLs using this variable
  15. Modify WebSphere ports in the serverindex.xml file.
  16. Modifying attributes that are lists
  17. wsadminEx13.jacl
  18. installapp.py