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Specify console preferences

Use this topic to customize how much data displays on an administrative console panel.

Throughout the administrative console are pages that have Preferences fields, Scope fields, and Filter radio buttons. By selecting these fields and radio buttons we can customize how much data is shown.

For example, examine the Preferences field for the Administrative authorization groups page:


  1. Go to the navigation tree of the administrative console and click Security > Administrative authorization groups.

  2. Expand Preferences.

  3. For the Maximum rows field, specify the maximum number of rows to display when the collection is large. The default is 20. Rows that exceed the maximum number display on subsequent pages.

  4. Select Retain filter criteria to retain the last filter criteria that is entered in the filter function. When we return to the Applications page, the page initially uses the retained filter criteria to display the collection of applications in the table following the preferences. Otherwise, clear Retain filter criteria and the last filter criteria is not retained.

  5. Click Apply to apply your selections or click Reset to return to the default values. The default is not to enable (not have a check mark) Retain filter criteria.

Other pages have similar fields and radio buttons we can use to specify console preferences. While Preferences fields, Scope fields, and Filter buttons control how much data is shown in the console, the Preferences option controls general behavior of the console. Click System Administration > Console preferences to view the Preferences page.