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Administer groups of nodes for the job manager

In a flexible management environment, we can create, modify, delete, and view groups of nodes. Groups of nodes make job submission simpler because we can submit a job for a group of nodes instead of a entering multiple node names for a job submission.

Before we can add a node to a group of nodes, we must have registered at least one node with the job manager.

Groups of nodes are particularly useful if we submit multiple jobs to the same set of nodes.

The first time we access the Groups of nodes collection panel, no groups of nodes are listed. We must create at least one group. We then enter parameters for the Find option to obtain a list of groups of nodes based on the provided parameter information.

The next time we select Jobs > Groups of nodes, a list of groups of nodes are displayed based on the parameters specified on the Find option for this job manager administrative console panel. We can then optionally modify the Find option criteria to display a different set of groups of nodes. After at least one group of nodes is displayed, we can administer the groups of nodes by doing such tasks as adding and removing members for node groups, or deleting node groups.


Depending on the tasks completed, we might have created a group of nodes, used the Find option to display groups of nodes, added or deleted members in the group of node, or deleted groups of nodes.

What to do next

We can continue to administer groups of nodes and do other job management tasks such as view nodes, submit jobs, and view node resources.



  • Job manager
  • Administer nodes remotely using the job manager