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Submit jobs to collect status on managed servers and applications

In a flexible management environment, we can submit the Status job to refresh data on managed resources of the job manager. Resources include applications and servers of each target. Run the Status job to refresh data on target resources in the job manager database. We can view the refreshed data in the job manager console or by wsadmin scripts.

Start the job manager and the targets. Ensure that the targets for which we want status are registered with the job manager.

Your ID at the job manager must be authorized for the administrator role or the operator role to submit jobs. When we submit a job, we can specify a user name and password for authentication and authorization at the target or targets. When we submit a job to multiple targets, the user name and password or the credentials for the submitter must apply all of the job targets.

To run the job against a large number of targets, optionally create a group of targets and submit the job against the group.

Use the administrative console of the job manager or the deployment manager to submit the job. From the console, choose the Status job, specify the targets, schedule the job, review the summary, and submit the job.

Instead of using a console, we can run the status job script in the AdministrativeJobs command group. See the Administrative job types topic.


  1. From the navigation tree of the administrative console, click...

      Jobs > Submit

  2. Choose the Status job and click Next.

  3. Choose job targets.

    1. Select a group of targets from the list, or select Target names.

    2. If we selected Target names, then specify a target name and click Add, or click Find and specify the chosen targets on the Find targets page.

    3. If user authentication is required, specify a user name, password, or any other authentication values as needed.

    4. Click Next.

  4. On the Specify the job parameters page, click Next. There are no job parameters for the Status job.
  5. Schedule the job and click Next.

  6. Review the summary, and click Finish to submit the job.

The job runs and refreshes data on applications and servers of the targets.

When a Liberty server is the target, the Status job updates the server status of Liberty server resources only. It does not discover new server resources or remove deleted server resources. To discover new server resources, submit an Inventory job instead.

What to do next

On the Job status page, click the job ID and view the job status. Click the status refresh icon

to refresh the displayed job status.

If the job is not successful, view any error messages that result from running the job, correct the error condition, and submit the job again.

If the job is successful, the data on the Target resources page is updated. Click Jobs > Target resources to see the resource status.

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