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Submit jobs to manage applications

In a flexible management environment, we can submit jobs to install and administer enterprise applications on managed targets of the job manager and to uninstall files from targets. An enterprise application is an EAR file that conforms to Java EE specifications.

Before submitting a job, start the job manager and the target targets. If a target is a stand-alone application server, also start the administrative agent.

Your ID at the job manager must be authorized for the administrator role or the operator role to submit jobs. When we submit a job, we can specify a user name and password for authentication and authorization at the target or targets. When submitting a job to multiple targets, the user name and password or the credentials for the submitter must be applicable to all of the job targets.

Before installing an application, we must run a job that copies the enterprise application file to managed targets. Remember any destination value specified when distributing the file. See the topic on the distribute file job.

The topics in this section describe how to install and administer enterprise application files by running jobs in the job manager console or the deployment manager console.

Instead of using a console, we can run wsadmin commands in the AdministrativeJobs command group. See the Administrative job types topic.


What to do next

On the Job status page, click the ID of the job and view the job status. If the job is not successful, view any error messages that result from running the job, correct the error condition, and submit the job again.


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