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Install WAS Network Deployment v9

  1. Installation Scenarios

  2. Prepare the operating system.

  3. Access the product disk, a downloaded installation image, or the online repositories.

  4. Install the product.

    This will create a profile/appserver.

  5. Update the product with fix packs and interim fixes.

  6. Create a Network Deployment environment.

    To access applications deployed on the application server from a deployment manager, we must federate the application server. To federate the application server, add the application server as a managed node of the deployment manager.

    Run the profile management tool and create a Dmgr profile

    To start tool go to appserver_root/bin/ProfileManagement and run pmt.sh

  7. Federate standalone servers to Dmgr cell...

      cd PROFILE_HOME/servername
      addNode.bat <dmgrHostName> 8879 -includeapps -username wasadmin -password wasadmin

    As an alternative to addNode, federate the application server into the cell using the administrative console...

      System Administration | Nodes | Add Node

  8. Set up applications

  9. Optional: Uninstall the product

    Use Installation Manager to uninstall the product, and then clean the system of any remaining traces of the product installation.