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New features: WAS v9.0.5

WebSphere Application Server v9.0.5 includes:

IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor

Use the IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor to migrate an application from on-prem to IBM Cloud Private.

Application Navigator for IBM Cloud Private

Kubernetes console, Grafana dashboard, and Kibana dashboard.

Application Navigator for ICP provides views into new and old consoles and dashboards

Other new features

  1. Moving applications to the cloud
  2. Analyzing WebSphere Application Server logs with Elastic Stack
  3. Configuring WebSphere servers for metering
  4. Collecting troubleshooting data with diagnostic plans
  5. Enabling the pre-login banner for the administrative console
  6. Troubleshooting long running JDBC transactions
  7. What is new for security specialists
  8. What is new for deployers