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Use a Java library with a Java EE application

In the following example, application Painter, running on server s1, needs access to the Haarlem library, which contains two files...

In use this library with the app...

  1. Create directory...


  2. Copy haarlem-paintings.jar and commons-lang.jar to the new directory.

  3. In server.xml, or an included file, load the Haarlem library for the application...
    <application id="painter" 
      <classloader>     <privateLibrary>       <fileset dir="${server.config.dir}/lib/Haarlem" 
                   scanInterval="5s" />     </privateLibrary>   </classloader> 

    The <privateLibrary> element can also take a filesetRef attribute with a comma-separated list of <fileset> element IDs.

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