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Supported entity types page

Use this page to list entity types that are supported by the member repositories or to select an entity type to view or change its configuration properties.

To view this dmgr console page...

  1. In the dmgr console, click Security > Global security.

  2. Under User account repository, select Federated repositories from the Available realm definitions field and click Configure. To configure for a specific domain in a multiple security domain environment, click Security domains > domain_name. Under Security Attributes, expand User Realm, and click Customize for this domain. Select the Realm type as Federated repositories and then click Configure.

  3. Under Additional properties, click Supported entity types.

You must configure the supported entity types before we can manage this account with Users and Groups in the dmgr console. The Base entry for the default parent determines the repository location where entities of the specified type are placed on write operations by user and group management.

When you finish adding or updating your federated repository configuration, go to the Security > Global security panel and click Apply to validate the changes.

Entity type

Entity type name.

Base entry for the default parent

Distinguished name of a base entry in the repository.

This entry determines the default location in the repository where entities of this type are placed on write operations by user and group management.

Relative Distinguished Name properties

Specifies the relative distinguished name (RDN ) properties for the specified entity type.

Possible values are cn for Group, uid or cn for PersonAccount, and o, ou, dc, and cn for OrgContainer. Delimit multiple properties for the OrgContainer entity with a semicolon (;).


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