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Create policy sets using wsadmin.sh

Create policy sets to centrally manage policies that are customized for the web services. Use wsadmin, which supports the Jython and Jacl scripting languages, to create new policy sets, copy existing policy sets, or import a policy set configuration. We can also query for an existing policy set and respective attributes.

To complete this task, use the Administrator role with cell-wide access when administrative security is enabled.

There are three ways to create a new policy set using wsadmin. We can create a new policy set and its configuration, copy an existing policy set, or import a policy set.

When creating a new policy set, add policies. If you copy an existing policy set, we can transfer the policies and attachments configured on the existing policy set. The command examples in this topic use batch mode syntax. We can use the -interactive option with all commands in the PolicySetManagement group.


If you receive a success message after entering the commands, we can now manage a policy set that is customized for the web services applications. We can further configure the policy set and policies.

Use the validatePolicySet command to validate your policy set configurations after modifying attributes for policies. For example, enter the following command to validate the PolicySet1 policy set:

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